Top 5 Places To Meet Someone To Date

How do you meet someone new for dating?

The dating world has changed exponentially in the past couple of decades! What seemed like good ways to meet new people back then is now considered creepy and unsafe. And what was considered taboo back then has now evolved into popular trends in dating. So the questions becomes…

Where is a good place to meet someone for dating?

Ideally, you’ve got a large group of friends with mutual interests and you interact as a group on a regular basis and new people are introduced in the mix from time to time. This often happens in college or if you’ve got a large community of people around you. It also works extremely well to meet someone through a mutual friend, or if a friend or family member sets you up with someone new. Since there is a mutual contact between you, the chances are better that you’ll find a good match for a date than just going on random blind dates.

Ok so those are IDEAL circumstances for meeting someone new to date.

What about for a majority of people that don’t have those ideal circumstances?

Here are my top 5 places to meet someone new to date if you’re diving into the dating world without help:

Meet Up Events

Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities.

meet up logo best places to meet someone to dateWelcome to the modern era! This free site has 24 different categories of local groups just waiting for you to join and interact with new people. A few key categories to consider here:

  • Outdoor & adventure
  • Learning
  • Music
  • Movements
  • Arts
  • Book clubs
  • Dance
  • Hobbies & crafts
  • SOCIAL!!

The social category has lots of options for locals in various forms to meet up just for the sole purpose of meeting new people in their area. I’ve seen social groups for single parents, retired people, veterans, singles in every city, stay-at-home-moms, working professionals, etc.

The idea here is to place yourself in a target-rich environment to meet new people.

Pick an activity that you personally enjoy doing and go find a group centered around that activity. And since everyone in the group is engaged in doing that same activity, the pressure is minimal when meeting the rest of the group. The focus is on the activity; not in meeting your soul mate.

If you can’t find a meetup group in your area that really excites you, then you can start your own! It’s free to join this site and participate in a group or create your own. There are some groups that will charge minimal fees for some of their activities based on the costs to produce the event. Just read the fine print for each group and their events.

Local class

local classes how to meet someone new to dateThis is another pressure-free way to meet new people in your area!

This method is very similar to the Meet Up events. Pick an activity that you thoroughly enjoy doing and find a class for it. Or pick an activity that you would like to learn more about and think you’d enjoy and go find a class on it.

You’ll notice the focus here isn’t on meeting other singles specifically looking to date. And that’s OK. Getting yourself out meeting new people in general is a great way for those connections to lead to MORE. It’s possible you’ll meet someone in the class that’s single and you end up dating them. But more than likely, you’ll meet new people that share a similar passion (for the activity in the class,) and they’ll know someone great to match you up with at a later time. Be curious to get to know people and just enjoy the social aspect of the class. And it’s totally ok to be up front with people there in saying that you took the class because you’re trying to get outside of your circle and meet new people… AND that you really enjoy learning more about the activity in the class!

How do you find local classes?
  • Do a google search for adult classes in (your area)
  • Check local community centers for classes
  • Check your local library to see if they host events or classes
  • Seek out a professional in your area on the activity you’d like to learn about and ask them if there are classes in your area on that topic. They can be a wealth of knowledge for a novice.


socializing at the gym how to meet someone new to dateThis way of meeting new people is mainly for those that either like going to the gym or want to get in shape / be healthier by joining a gym. Because that’s the type of person that you’re going to meet at a gym. That should be obvious.

Some gyms are more social than others. And some gyms have clientele that don’t interact with each other. And others have a mix of people. If you are considering joining a gym, go ask for a tour of the facilities during a peak-use time BEFORE you actually pay any fees. Make sure the gym is a good fit for your fitness needs AND your social needs.

Ways to meet people at the gym:
  • Take a class.
  • Commiserate with the other people in the class. Bond over the shared experience. Go out for happy hour with key people that you’ve met and with which seem to have a good connection.
  • Ask for help. If you’ve never used a piece of equipment, then ask someone there for some help on what to do and how best to do it. And let’s be real here, this approach mainly will work for women. Men LOVE to be macho and show off for women. So play into that (if that’s a turn on for you.)
  • Offer to help. Yep, this is mainly going to work for men. (And of course women can offer to help too.) If you see someone struggling with a exercise machine, ASK them if they’d like any help figuring out that machine. Always ASK them if they’d like help. Not everyone wants to be approached at the gym, so always ask politely and in a fashion that says you’d genuinely like to help them in a friendly manner.

All of these approaches work in meeting people in general at the gym. You don’t have to be ONLY searching for a potential long-term relationship partner here. Just go meet people! They might be able to introduce you to your next spouse!

Dog park

dog park ways to meet new people for datingObviously meeting people at a dog park is geared all around dogs. So this one will only work with people that either already have a dog, or people that LOVE dogs and love being around them.

Having a dog is a GREAT way to break the ice when approaching a stranger. The focus is on the dog; not the person. So the dog becomes the way to strike up a conversation with the owner!

Ask the owner about their dog: what breed is it? How old, you’re thinking about getting another dog, is this a good breed to have?

If you don’t have a dog, then ask the dog owners there if you can pet their dogs and that you miss having one of your own. You can pull this off if you’re very casual about it and approach people because you genuinely LOVE dogs and want to go pet all the dogs in the world.

Online Dating

online dating how to meet someone new for datingOnline dating has become a very popular and acceptable way to find someone to date. Many people scoff at the idea and label it as ‘window shopping’. And I’ll be the first one to tell you that there are definite flaws in the system as well as traps to watch out for.


There are literally thousands upon thousands of single and datable people in your area that are on any one of the dating apps just waiting and hoping for a good match.

It’s a convenient way to find someone that has potential. Online dating can be an effective way to meet someone new IF you give it a chance and IF you go into it with some street smarts.

And that’s where I’ve got you covered.

I have personally done online dating at various times over a 3-year span. For me, it was an easy way to just start meeting new and eligible singles in my area since I did not have family or single friends in the area. (And I certainly wasn’t going to date any of my coworkers!)

I tried different dating apps to see if there was better quality of people and better quality of interactions. And honestly, I found it was about the same experience from dating site to dating site. And there are just as many problems on paid dating apps as there are on free dating sites. So I chose to concentrate on free online dating sites. You can see my unbiased review of the main online dating sites HERE.

I did find that there were a good number of people on the sites that were liars, cheaters, and trolls. But there are easy things to look out for to weed those dating profiles OUT of your experience.

I also found that there were good ways and bad ways to write my own profile to attract the caliber of person that I knew I was worthy of… even on a FREE dating site!

If you’re open to considering online dating or have tried it and didn’t have a good experience, take a look at the info I put together for you on my Online Dating Guide.

I laid out all the practical information you need to know to have GOOD experiences and find GREAT matches for yourself in my ultimate guide to online dating: How To Survive The Online Dating Jungle. It goes through 3 in-depth chapters:

  1. Red Flags to watch out for and what the hell to do about it
  2. How To Set Up a KickAss Dating Profile to get more views, likes and actual dates with people that are a good match for YOU.
  3. Online Dating Initial Messages; How the hell to write a good one & 150 Questions to get to know someone beyond their job description

Diving into all of this info puts you in a GREAT position to be meeting people that can lead to fabulous connections and long-lasting rewarding relationships.

How To Survive the Online Dating JungleI have personally met lots of great guys by using the exact methods I lay out in my guide How To Survive The Online Dating Jungle.

You just have to

  • Be Smart
  • Ready &
  • Be Prepared
Online dating can be horribly daunting, but with a little street smarts up front, you can get through it AND come out of it with a partner by your side and huge smiles on both faces.

Find all the information HERE.

And if you prefer, you can get direct help revising your profile with yours truly. Check out the details on that service HERE.

Meeting someone new is really a matter of putting yourself into a target rich environment. Take the pressure off of finding your soul mate by just meeting someone new in an area that you enjoy. And then let that lead to new social opportunities naturally.

But the whole point here is that you have to GET OUT there and just try something! It might feel awkward at first, and that’s Ok! Just keep going, have faith in yourself, and know your worth!

Have fun!

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