Oral Sex Skills 101: Going down; Female Edition

There is an art to oral sex.

This is not just a task; one of ‘those’ things you have to do during sex. You have to really want to do this for your partner and its helps if you know what the fuck you’re doing too.

So let me first say this: if you’re willing to go down on your woman, she’s going to love the effort.

Effort is fucking sexy.

Second, you need to know that all women are different, INCLUDING how they like to receive oral sex. So if you are with a new woman, don’t expect her to react even remotely the same as your previous partner. She’s a totally different woman; treat her as such.

Really pay attention to her cues and adjust accordingly. And if you find something that she’s REALLY liking in the moment- STAY THERE DOING JUST THAT.  Don’t stray from that move until her reaction has shifted. Keep your eyes locked on her body, preferably her eyes, the whole time. Do not let your attention stray from her and her enjoyment of your oral skills.

Before I bring you the really juicy tutorials, you should know that most women aren’t going to be ready to jump right into you licking her pussy without some foreplay! She’s going to feel forced to jump right to the meal without the proper appetizers to get her warmed up and the juices flowing – literally. So take some time to play with her, kiss her, touch her all over and slowly strip her clothes off. Make her yearn for your oral game; she’s going to enjoy it even more when you do this.

Ok real-life skills! Class is now in session…

In this first clip, humor will bring you MANY truths. Listen to this one about 300 times to catch it all:

Ok, now I’m sending you to PornHub for this gem of a video… because porn CAN be very educational.

On a personal note, this second video even taught me some new techniques! And I’ve had a few partners go through these techniques on me and I found some of the techniques didn’t really do much for me and others were total game changers!

Watch… absorb… learn… then experiment.

So before I send you to watch porn, (WARNING: clicking on the Pornhub logo below WILL take you to the pornhub website!) let me repeat one thing: all women are different and love to be eaten differently. You can learn all the skills you want, but until you communicate with your woman, you’re not going to know what she likes and how she likes it. (And she may like it differently from day to day too. No one said women would be easy to read, did they?)

Just stay tuned in to her words, her body and her movements. She’ll tell you if she’s liking it. And if she’s not saying anything, try something else until you get a reaction from her that sounds good to you.

Enjoy your homework. Class dismissed.

(Clicking below WILL take you to Pornhub. And it’s totally worth 20-minutes of your time!!)


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2 thoughts on “Oral Sex Skills 101: Going down; Female Edition”

  1. Wow, what a great blogger and issue. Thnk you so much. I am a peach eating expert. I like giving more then receiving. I don’t need Vigra, give me the vajay-Jay and alk of her Sweetness and I am a happy man. You know those deep sensual kisses that curl your toes and melt your socks and panties? Yeah that’s how I treat my partner pussy. I can’t get enough. The wetter she is, or as soon as I feel that sweet cream I need to taste it. I like to rub her cream on my nips and allow her to suck and lick it off. Or my fingers and or my dick. This drives her insane. . And I never miss the opportunity to to lick the booty hole as I lick her from ass hole to appetite. So as I that also helps get her ready for my fingers in both holes as my tongue continues to tease her clit. When she cum I pull her in closer, I don’t let go. Yeah, she has multiple orgasms before I even have mine. Trust me guys she appreciate you and your game far more then you will understand. Treat her righht.

    1. Sounds like you’ve found what works for your partner and she appreciates it! Effort is always appreciated; just know that the effort and techniques need to adjust depending on each individual. There is no ‘one-move-works-for-all’ approach here.

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