Getting the Harmony You Desire in a Relationship

For all of you that have ever wondered

  • How to find harmony in relationships
  • How to attract the best partner for you
  • Is it really possible to make a woman swoon
  • How to attract a manly man
  • How to get the right energy flow between you and your partner
  • What does your body language say to others
  • How to get more from your partner without nagging
  • Being “masculine” in a modern era
  • How to embody the feminine so that it works for you
  • What women really want
  • What men really want
  • How to approach sex for a deeper connection that goes beyond the flesh

then this video series is definitely for you!

Ok so those are all very catchy phrases to get your attention and you’ve heard them plastered all over the place before:

“How To Get The Guy”

“How To Make Women Swoon”

“Body Language To Attract A Mate”

Those titles seem almost too good to be true and more like clickbait to get you to a website. But if you dive into the video series below, you’ll witness all of these topics come to life.

Instead of writing out my own lengthy thoughts and explanations, I wanted to bring you a video series on these topics. When I first found these videos, it revolutionized my thoughts on masculine / feminine relationships. So how could I not share it with you??

The video series is a lecture / workshop presented by David Deida, author of “The Way of the Superior Man” and many other well-known books. Deida also leads spiritual growth and intimacy workshops all across the world, and is one of the founding members of the Integral Institute.

There are a couple of basic principles that Deida proposes that set up all of the knowledge and advise he offers:

Masculine Vs. Feminine Energy

Masculine energy is defined as:

  • Pure Consciousness
  • The being that witnesses
  • Energy that penetrates
  • Directional and navigates
  • Is the ship on the ocean

masculine vs feminine energy yin yangFeminine energy then is the complementary:

  • Surrenders open
  • Flows
  • ever changing
  • Infinite mystery
  • Is power, is life, is the ocean

Everyone possesses both masculine AND feminine energy at all times, no matter what gender you identify with. Most people will have a majority of one energy over the other, again regardless of what gender they are. Some people will have a balance of feminine and masculine, but a clear majority of people naturally favor one over the other.

Masculine and feminine energies in relationships

Here’s where the beauty of nature comes into play:

masculine vs feminine energy yin yangTo have the right alignment between two people and have harmony in your relationship, you need to have a partner that has the opposite energy as you do. This sets up a beautiful yin yang flow, where one person embodies mostly feminine with a mix of masculine and is complimented by their partner who is mostly masculine with a small mix of the feminine. It is never rigid nor static, but ever flowing and changing as the pair changes and evolves. When that polarity of energies goes out of balance between the partners, the synergy and harmony leave the relationship (or was never present to begin.)

This might seem a bit over the top for some, but I invite you to watch the videos below anyway. There is a ton of really practical instruction on body language in a manner that cuts through the bullshit that a lot of people present.

So pull up a seat, open your mind, and enjoy the video series!

Ok wait…

I have to give you a couple disclaimers first!

This workshop presented by David Deida was recorded in 2000 in Australia with couples that range from young to old. The music is ULTRA cheesy, and the fashions are really outdated. Enjoy a good chuckle over it (I did!) but realize that the information presented in the videos is pure gold for finding the relationships that will fulfill your soul.

One other editorial note that I will add:

Deida uses the term “God” quite a bit. That word is very easily interchangeable with:

higher power, divine, universe, energy, goddess, etc.

Everyone has their own beliefs and that’s ok. Pick a word / term that fits your belief structure and go with that.

Presenting David Deida video series “Spirit Sex Love”

Part 1 topics:

  • How to find a partner that takes you to the highest levels
  • How to cut through a woman’s crabby, angst energy
  • Body language to evoke the right energy in your partner
  • Women: how to attract a fully masculine man
  • Man: how to be the man that make women swoon
  • How to attract a woman with your energy and presence

Part 2 topics:

  • Exercise in being present for men
  • How to be a man with a strong woman that has lots of masculine energy
  • Women: how to present the right energy to welcome in and attract a worthy man

Part 3 topics:

  • How to reduce a woman to orgasmic mush with just a look (or just to soften her)
  • Women: how to present yourself so that you attract the full masculine that you desire
  • How to continue through your fear

Part 4 topics:

  • Commitments in a relationship: when to make the hard choices
  • Trusting in love; living that fully
  • Rubber bands of fear that hold you back

Part 5 topics:

  • Body language for the feminine to attract the masculine
  • “How to get a good man” method
  • Attracting by polarity
  • Becoming transparent to love to radiance

Part 6 topics:

  • Masculine and feminine energies in sexual practices
  • How to persist through the woman’s angst & soften her edges
  • How to get beyond road blocks that keep happening.
  • Making hard choices; finding your deepest purpose

Part 7 topics:

  • Attracting by polarity
  • Magnetizing love to you
  • Stop questioning the masculine authority for the sake of sensitivity

Part 8 topics:

  • Fear vs. being yourself; facing those fears
  • The trade off when choosing to hold back
  • How to love when you are feeling least loved
  • Your self-worth is reflected by the people you attract

Part 9 topics:

  • Awakening sexual energy & the fullness of life
  • “Love is attempting to take over your entire body in this moment” exercise; body language to embody the goddess disposition
  • Peace vs. Passion

Part 10 topics:

  • Masculine and feminine energy exchanges
  • The dance of opening your heart with a potential partner
  • How to ravish a woman and beyond
  • How to get a man to worship your heart

Part 11 topics:

  • Embody your true gift to the world; even if it’s not by the traditional definitions
  • Dabble in the extremes so you KNOW what’s true. Then reverse roles.
  • More synergy, more harmony, better sex

Part 12 topics:

  • How to get beyond your fears and beyond immobilization
  • Ways to shift your partners energy
  • How to get your man to step up without being nagging or frustrating
  • Getting your relationship in the right alignment

I hope you enjoyed the video series and learned a ton of new strategies to find what you really want to fulfill all your desires!

There are countless other videos on YouTube by David Deida that you can check out to further your own knowledge to strengthen your relationships.

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Lots of love to you all,


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