Does Penis Size REALLY matter? Get The Full Truth Here

There seems to be a huge hang up on penis size in our culture these days…

…or maybe that’s just me who has her head immersed in the world of sex blogging!?! Lol

To answer this question, I certainly can draw from my own experiences and hearsay, but I also did a bit of research for you as well so that I can give you the full truth, not just my opinion.

So there’s the short answer and the full answer on whether or not penis size really matters when it comes to sexual performance:

The short answer on penis size:

  • For the average guy, the size of your dick does NOT matter when it comes to pleasing your partner sexually.
  • For guys that are atypical (super small or super large,) it might matter a little bit, but less than you think.

The full answer on penis size:

For the average guy, the size of your dick is all good. Here’s why:

penis size chartThe typical guy has a penis size of anywhere from 3-9 inches in length when fully erect. More than 90% of men fall into this category. (Feel better already guys??) The average length of an erect penis is 5.2 inches. (Does this surprise you?)

And then here’s the other half of the equation: women’s vaginas are typically only 3-4 inches long when relaxed. (Surprised??) But here’s the catch: when sexually aroused, vaginas can increase in size by nearly 200%! So the average vagina will expand to accommodate a penis that’s up to 8-inches in length.

Women’s sexual organs vary in size and shape just as much as men’s dicks vary in size and shape. Women’s bodies are made to adapt to variations of size (length and girth,) all the way from a small tampon to birthing a 10-pound+ baby. And then they elastically return back to their original size and shape. Vaginas are magical!

But here’s the key point with women: in order for their vagina to expand to happily accommodate any penis (or toy,) the woman needs to feel sexually aroused. And that sexual arousal is going to happen with the biggest female sexual organ… located about 3 feet above her vagina. Stimulate her MIND and her body will follow. I can’t stress that enough!

Also it’s interesting to know that for women a majority of the nerves are located in the first 1.5 inches of the vagina meaning that’s where she’s going to derive the most pleasure. This is why most women will tell you that size doesn’t matter; it’s what you DO with what you’ve got that matters!

For atypical guys, your dick size might matter a bit. Here’s why:

First off, the definition of atypical for the purposes of this article is any many with an erect penis size of less than 3-inches or greater than 9-inches in length. This is less than 10% of the entire population of men. And yet, too many people have this false idea that super huge cocks are the norm these days… I blame bad porn for that. But more on that later…

For the guys with a micro penis:

micro penis does penis size really matterSo you’ve got a short cock; you could complain about it OR… you could find a way to make it work for you and your partner(s). Most people that are interested in a substantial relationship with you are not going to care too much about the size of your dick. (You might get a totally different answer though from someone superficial or someone only interested in a physical encounter.)

There are plenty of ways you can adapt your sexual encounters so that everyone involved is highly satisfied:
  • Add a penis sleeve or penis extender to your toy collection
  • Mix up your sexual encounters by adding toys for her pleasure and yours that don’t concentrate on penetration as the main activity.
  • Experiment with different positions with your partner; some will work better than others for shorter cocks.
  • If your partner is open to it, anal sex is a great option. Most partners will appreciate a smaller penis when it comes to anal sex. Be sure to use good lube.
  • There are lots of pills and potions you can try; they all have very mixed results and really mixed reviews.
  • Try jelqing; it’s a relatively new technique that’s all natural (and free) for dick enlargement.
For guys with a larger than normal penis:

does dick size really matterYou might be thinking you’re a God for having a HUGE cock, but truth be told, not all women can take it. And then you’re having to hold back so you don’t hurt the woman, and that’s no fun either.

Also for you, anyone interested in a substantial relationship with you isn’t going to worry about your king-size cock. But if you are personally looking for relationship, you will have to sort out the people who only want you for the size of your package. So heads up for you there! Lol

If you need to adapt your sexual encounters so everyone is highly satisfied, here are a few ideas:
  • It’ll be especially important for you to stimulate your woman’s MIND first with lots of foreplay. This is how her vagina is going to magically expand to accommodate your super-sized dick.
  • Experiment with different positions; every woman is going to be different too, so what works for one woman may be different from the others.
  • LUBE. Use lots of lube. Check out my guide to lubes HERE. I’d highly recommend the silicone lubes.
  • Use lots of techniques other than just thrusting in and out of her until you cum. Oral stimulation is great, and lots of other body play. Sex doesn’t have to only be about pounding into her. She’ll last longer with you and for more sessions with you if you mix it up more.

A few thoughts on why we’re even talking about dick size…

Porn & popular media

penis size chart
What you see online is NOT reality!

Porn has glorified the big cock. That’s the main focus on most porn these days. It’s all about the huge cock getting off. It’s male-centered, and that male is WELL endowed! It’s no wonder that men are wondering how they measure up!

I have had a ton of younger guys message me privately asking if I would rate their cocks. While I found it quite ridiculous at first, I also found it fascinating that they would feel insecure enough to seek out the advice of a stranger. (Ok, maybe it was a ploy to get me to look at their dicks, who knows!)

Sex has gone extreme.

Porn has gone to extremes; extreme imagery, extreme fantasies, extreme pleasure, pain, etc… You know what else has gone extreme? Sex toys. Have you seen the size of some of the dildos being marketed today? That does two things: it makes men think they need to measure up to those extreme sizes, and it’s making women desensitized to a normal experience! So any woman that’s used to her 12” dildo isn’t going to be impressed by a normal 5” cock, no matter what you can do with it!


  • How To Increase Dick Size
  • How To Enlarge Your Penis
  • How To Grow Your Dick
  • Dick Enlargement
  • Male Enhancement Pills
  • etc!

Preying on male insecurities that didn’t exist decades ago is a big business! You’ve seen what marketing has done to turn Valentine’s Day into a HUGE money maker, so why not make money off of guys that are afraid their dicks are too small?

It’s HUGE business. Quite literally.

Here are my personal thoughts on penis size:

As a woman that has had a significant amount of experience with dicks (and the men attached to them,) here’s what I say: As long as you’re close to a normal size (3” – 9” in length) then you’re all good. The size and shape of the penis does less to impress me than what the guy does with it. And I am being totally sincere in saying that. (If you’ve read any of my other articles, you know that I don’t bullshit you guys.)

For me, if the guy’s cock is smaller than average or larger than average and I’m invested in a relationship with the guy, then I’m totally willing to be adaptable in sexual encounters to make it work.

These are my opinions though. And other women may disagree with me and that’s ok. Women that just want sex versus women that are looking for a relationship are going to give different preferences here as well. Just be aware of where the other person is coming from when you ask them…

Does my penis size REALLY matter??

My ultimate advice:

Go find someone that accepts you for who you are, dick size included.

Peace, Love and Awesome Sex to you all.


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8 thoughts on “Does Penis Size REALLY matter? Get The Full Truth Here”

  1. Very good information. Thank you, Brandi. I do agree the stigma of latge penises being the only way to provide pleaseur does come from overexagerated porn, ESPECIALLY in the african american male community. Given the info provided, i find im right near that average range at just shy of 6′, with some decent girth. I did USED to be self concious about it as a young boy, cuz u didnt measure up to “male porn stars” i have however found that i have had no complaints in my size department, probably in part due to the depth of the female genetalia, and probablu partly due to the fact that i go out of my way to pleasure the WHOLE body and mind, not JUST the vagina. Ive discovered confidence in my own body, and THAT, nobody can take away.

    1. So many great thoughts there Alvin! Self confidence is ALWAYS sexy on anybody, no matter your size or shape. And women love the FULL experience of pleasuring her whole body, mind and soul. Good for you!

  2. Glad to see someone pushing the truth, although I think you might still be a bit off calling the extremes (3″ or 9″) normal. According to most studies, 7″ is already in the 96 percentile, and 8-9″ are in the 99.8-99.99. This is pretty much what the graphs above say as well vs 10% being above 9″.

    Fun site if you want to run the numbers and/or see how you compare. I was kind of shocked when putting in my stats actually (on the larger end of the spectrum):

    1. Hey James- thanks for checking out my article. I’m all about pushing the truth, but even that is skewed by perspective. And I find it oddly disturbing that someone put in the time and effort to put together that detailed of a ranking chart for penis sizes.

      1. Hey, I only used it, not sure who built it 😛 lol.

        That said, not sure I 100% believe the results (puts me at 99.8% or so), but I’ll take them if true. Also, as someone who is larger, being so can also lead to a number of issues, both with sex (with some), and also even just day to day life, when it comes to things like choosing pants and underwear.

        Not saying I’d want to be on the other end of the spectrum, but for anyone who is or is average, being larger isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

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