An Exercise In Ecstasy

A lesson to awaken your orgasmic potential… without drugs.

No, I’m not talking about the drug ecstasy here. I’m talking about having more ecstatic experiences in your life naturally… almost to a point of living in an orgasmic state of being, even though you aren’t necessarily having sex. (Although this is going to help a TON with having fucking fantastic mind-blowing sexual experiences too!)

I want to show you a simple exercise you can do to awaken energy inside you so that you can find that inner bliss, that inner orgasmic state that is where ecstasy lies dormant… just wanting to burst forth for a bliss-filled life.

It’s all about having incredibly conscious experiences.

What do I mean by that?

I mean you need to be fully awake in your experiences. You need to be fully present and engaged with your present circumstances.

How many times have you found yourself operating on autopilot? You’re just going through the motions of your task because… well because you don’t enjoy it, it’s not rewarding, it’s not what you want to be doing at the moment, etc. When you keep living in that numbed-out state of existence, you lose that ecstatic state of being. All that drudgery weighs you down until you wake up one day, years down the road, only to realize that you’ve slept-walked through half of your life.

I say it’s time to wake the fuck up. (More on THAT here…)

I want to show you a very simple process that you can apply to most situations to start having more ecstasy in your life naturally.

Engage your senses.

Fully immerse yourself in each sensation that your five senses will provide in what ever activity you so choose.

  • See it
  • Hear it
  • Smell it
  • Touch it
  • Taste it

Be hyper aware of each sense as you engage in your activity. Take your time with this exercise, fully immersing yourself in ALL of the sensations.

If your mind wanders during the activity at hand, it’s ok. Just practice bringing your awareness back to your activity. The more your do this exercise, the easier it’ll be to stay present and engaged.

Let me take you through 3 totally different experiences of engaging your senses to bring about a state of ecstasy.

Set up for each of these activities:

  • Turn off all devices. No TV, no phone, no music, no distractions. Just you in a peaceful environment.
  • As much as possible, try to do this when you won’t be interrupted.
  • Do this when you have unlimited time. Having an upcoming commitment in 10 minutes won’t allow yourself to freely immerse yourself here, so pick a different time to do these activities when you have an unlimited time frame.

Eating a Peach

eating a peach to achieve ecstasyYes, I’m literally talking about a peach, as in the piece of fruit.  So this isn’t a time to just sit down in front of the TV and plow through your fruit without really paying attention to the act of eating the peach; that’ll do you no good here.

It’s time to fully immerse yourself in the act of engaging your senses when eating this peach.

See it:

Really look at the peach and appreciate the variations in color. See how the light highlights the shape and nuances of the contour. Appreciate the perfection that lies in front of you. Take a minute (or more) to just appreciate the beautiful sight of your peach.

Smell it:

Inhale deeply as you close your eyes. Breathe in the essence of the ripe fruit. Let your mouth water in anticipation of that first bite…. Turn the peach around and smell it from different angles… where does it smell the best? Be in this moment for a while; take your time.

Hear it:

eating a peach to achieve ecstasyWhen you take that first bite into that luscious fruit, listen for that satisfying sound of your teeth sinking into the flesh. Let that sound be music to your ears. Listen to the glorious sounds of you slurping up those juices upon each bite.

Feel it:

Enjoy the sensations on your fingertips when you touch the fuzzy flesh of that perfect peach. Spend some time just rubbing that fuzziness just for the pure pleasure of it. Immerse yourself in that pleasure. Feel the juices start to drip down your fingers after biting into that peach time and again. Let those juices drip… feel them cascading down your hands, and then lick them up one by one. Feel your tongue slide along your arms, catching each drop of juice along the way. Let your fingers feel the inside of your mouth and you suck all the juices off those fingers. Pay attention to these sensations… stay with it…

Taste it:

eating a peach to achieve ecstasyTaste each drop of sweet goodness as it hits your palate, and let the tastes linger on your tongue before swallowing. Each time you lick the juices, fully engage your senses to taste it anew. Pay attention to see if the peach tastes different with each bite.

Stay focused on these senses as you very slowly and very deliberately devour that peach. If your attention wanders off at any point, simply take note of it and redirect your attention back to one of your senses.

The longer you can draw out this experience, the most immersed you can become and more ecstatic you can become in the moment.

You may feel dizzy, and you may feel high. Enjoy it. Live in that moment! Love it and embrace that feeling of being fully awake and consciously ALIVE!

Breathe it all in. Stay in that ‘space’ for a while… not hurrying off to go do something, but instead enjoying the sensations of your awakening experience.

Going for a Walk / Hiking

ecstasyGoing for a walk might seem rather mundane, and for many people it is. But you can turn it into an orgasmically ecstatic experience if you so desire. This type of walk is less about the physical exercise and more about the sensory experience.

Pick a location for your walk / hike that is appealing to you. If your neighborhood doesn’t appeal to your senses, then pick a spot that does. You may need to drive to a favorite hiking trail or walking path for this exercise.

See it:

Too many people go for walks but fail to see the splendor around them. Not this time! Take the time to notice all of the little things that you normally take for granted: see all the variations of color of the leaves on the trees. See the contours of each individual leaf. Take the time to stop and look at how the sunlight plays off of the tree trunks and casts shadows across the path in front of you. Look around you to spot all of the wildlife that you normally miss in your hurried pace. Slow down and take in as much visually as you can absolutely absorb!

Hear it:

Stop and close your eyes to fully tune into the sounds surrounding you. Hear the birds chirping. Listen to the leaves rustling in the wind. Hear your own breathing and the beating of your heart too. What other animal sounds can you hear? How many different sounds can you decipher? Take it all in and imagine that it’s a symphony there for your full enjoyment.

Smell it:

Take the time to smell your world on your walk. Breathe long and deep; inhaling all of the scents around you. What does the damp earth smell like that day? Seek out all of the flowers and stop to inhale their fragrances. Make it your mission to smell every variety of flower and select you favorite for the day. Do you smell anything repugnant? Notice it and appreciate its place in the world.

Touch it:

You get to act like a little kid on this journey… stop and touch everything! Feel the dewy grass, touch the soft moss on the cold rocks, rub the soft petals of the colorful flowers as you inhale their delicate scents. Touch the rough bark of the majestic trees, and the smooth bark of the sprouting trees. Concentrate on the feel of these items on your fingertips. Touch a soft leaf to your cheek. Delight in the sensations of being able to touch everything. Revel in the newfound curiosity of everything around you as you stop to explore.

Taste it:

This one may take a little planning ahead unless you are 100% confident on what’s edible on your walking path that day! I’d suggest bringing along something that you can eat that belongs in that environment. If you’re in the mountains, bring along some blueberries that are native to the region. If you’re on the beach, bring along a fruit that is commonly found in that area. As you are immersing yourself in being consciously awake on this walk, enjoy the food you brought along. Take the time to be fully present with the snack, as described above in eating the peach.


sex ecstacyToo many people are having routine sex and are coming away from it highly unsatisfied. If you want MUCH better sex, then start immersing yourself in all five senses to reach a higher level of erotic pleasure. Stay FULLY present with your partner and become HYPER aware during your experience together.

See it:

Eyes open please! See the beauty of her curves, appreciate the look of his hand on your breast. Watch every motion happen as your experience unfolds. Appreciate the beauty that is the naked body… no matter what size or shape you are dealing with in the moment. The body is a beautiful temple; treat it with reverence. Be thankful you have the ability to watch your lover’s every minute movement… anticipate the touch before it happens as you watch them come closer to you.

Hear it:

Listen to your breath, listen to your lover’s breath. Sync your breathing together if possible for a stronger connection. Hear the sounds of moaning escaping each other’s mouths, the sounds of bodies sliding against each other, the sound of bodies thrusting into one another. Use your lover’s sounds as cues to what they enjoy… and give them more of that. Open your ears to every nuance of sound you can take in… let the sounds carry you on wave after wave of pleasure together.

Smell it:

Ahh the scent of a lover can be highly arousing! Take the time to smell their neck; breathing in their scent. Inhale their scent in different places of their body… find what’s most arousing for you. As your lover becomes more aroused themselves, their scent will change. So go back and smell their neck once again, repeating this process as your lover gets more and more heated.

Touch it:

Sex is a very tactile, hands on experience as it is, but this is a great way to KEEP yourself totally present and consciously awake to this particular session. When you find yourself stuck in your head, or if your mind is wondering, (it happens to all of us at some point so don’t beat yourself up over this,) just bring your awareness back to your fingertips. What are your fingertips touching at the moment? Put all of your focus THERE. This is a great way to reengage yourself into the act and keep you present for yourself and for your partner.

Taste it:

Your lover is going to have many tastes; explore them all! Make it your mission to find your favorite taste on their body. Is it the taste of their kiss? The taste of their neck? Or is your favorite the flavor of their nipple across your tongue? Many people love the taste of their lover when giving oral pleasure, but that is not the only place you can derive pleasure from tasting your lover. Embrace it all, loving the exploration of their taste.

This process of engaging all of your senses can be applied to limitless experiences… you can bring yourself to a heightened sense of ecstasy without the aid of drugs by simply immersing yourself in these sensations.

Will you reach orgasmic euphoria the first time you do this?

It’s possible, but not likely.

But you can reach that level of intense ecstasy by repeating this exercise many times in many different variations over time.

With practice, you’ll get better and better at experiencing blissful levels of joy in everyday experiences.

Ahh… to practice attaining states of ecstasy! I can’t think of better homework!

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